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What is Exposed Aggregate?

Welcome to Concreters Wollongong, your leading concreting specialists in Wollongong, NSW. Exposed Aggregate is a refined and durable type of concrete finish that reveals the natural beauty of stones and pebbles within its structure. It’s not only visually appealing but also strong, making it a popular choice for both residential and commercial properties in Wollongong. It offers a unique, textured look that is slip-resistant, blending durability with style to suit your design needs.

Other Types of Concrete

Plain Concrete

This is a minimalist type of driveway, simple, durable and easy to clean.

Coloured Concrete

These types of driveways allow you to play around with a mix of colours to creatively complement your home exterior.

Exposed Aggregate

These driveways are nuanced, with a top layer that exposes underneath materials (stones, pebbles, or shells) usually achieved by removing the top layer of the concrete surface. They provide a fashionable appearance and a textured surface that is slip-resistant.

Stamped Concrete

If your dream is to have a decorative driveway with bespoke designs then go for a stamped driveway. Your custom designs can be imprinted with patterns and textures to resemble brick, stone, tile, or other materials to a final product that gives aesthetic versatility without compromising on the durability of concrete.


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Our Comprehensive Concreting Process


Consultation and Design

Understanding your needs and assessing the project area. Offering a diverse selection of aggregates to reflect your style.


Excavation and Preparation

Preparing the ground meticulously to ensure a stable base for your driveway.


Formwork and Framing

Preparing the site for a robust foundation.


Pouring and Finishing

Skillful laying of the concrete and exposing the aggregate.


Curing and Sealing

Applying a high-grade sealant for durability and shine.

Benefits of Concrete Driveways


Endures Wollongong’s varying weather conditions.

Low Maintenance

Easy upkeep for busy lifestyles.

Aesthetic Appeal

Enhances property appearance with an upscale look.


Slip-resistant surface ideal for wet areas.


Our clients’ satisfaction and trust are paramount. Their positive experiences reflect our dedication to quality and service in Wollongong.

"John's design recommendations were just right. The pattern he suggested beautifully enhances our garden. The driveway not only looks amazing but is also very easy to maintain."
Jessica Wilson
Concrete Driveway
"Mike from the team was excellent. He assisted in selecting the ideal shade for our driveway, and it has significantly improved the appearance of our home"
Michael Williams
Concrete Driveway

Ideal Areas for Exposed Aggregate

Residential driveways and pathways

Adds character and curb appeal.

Pool surrounds

Offering a non-slip surface with an aesthetic look.

Commercial areas

Suitable for those seeking a durable and decorative flooring solution.

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